Frequently Asked Questions

What business-type do you assist?

Our projects have focused on small businesses who wish to distinguish themselves and enable a unique platform for existing and future clients. Marque House has assisted businesses in the high fashion sector, architectural and design spheres, hospitality and food industries, and art and lifestyle fields. Our clients are internationally based including North America, Europe, and Asia.

How does Marque House stand out?

As a global brand strategy firm, Marque House is dedicated to building powerful, evidence-based brands that refine existing and future business. We help companies achieve breakthrough success and discover greatness with elegant brand identities and data-driven strategies. 

What key services does Marque House offer?

Marque House specializes in Social Media Marketing, SEO, Online Ads, Website Design, Branding, and Graphic Design. We don’t use cookie-cutter solutions. Marque House uses strategic plans that are supported by a channel-specific focus. Our team places a high emphasis on what’s timeless and classic to deliver global campaigns and identities that have a lasting resonance for your company.